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The entire country waits to have a glimpse of the ‘Say No To Drugs’ rally organized by the Youth Nation every year on January 26th. That’s a real treat watch where more than 200 organizations from all over South Gujarat come up to meet and one place and pledge their support to work hand in hand to fight the social evils through Youth Nation.

Apart from the organizing committee of this national event in Surat’s calendar, apart from social organizations, hundreds of young leaders and individuals come up with their novel ideas to make the program the most awaited program in Surat. They give their round the clock support to the organizing committee members to make the rally successful. It is due to the effort of these individuals, organizations and NGOs which makes the rally one of the most important event against Drugs in Gujarat’s event Calendar.

That’s the Power of the YoungYouth Nation


To act as a catalyst for the society, by reaching out to needy people, fulfilling their needs in the best of the way, through required resources, knowledge and empowerment.


Youth Nation is unswerving about making India a better place to Live by inspiring the youth to contribute towards changing the attitude of coming generation as well as existing generation through required action and awareness.