What is Nebula

“The rose of space garden”

The Caldwell 49 also known as Rosette Nebula is located near the end of a giant molecular cloud in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The open cluster NGC2244 [Caldwell 50] is closely associated with the nebulosity. (the characteristics of being nebula)

The stars of the cluster are formed from the nebula’s matter and about 2500 newly formed stars are present.

The nebula is At about 5,000 light-years from our home planet and is roughly 130 light-years in diameter. The radiation from the newborn stars excites the stars in the atoms in the nebula causing them to emit radiation themselves resulting in the emission nebula.

The mass of Rosette is equivalent to 10,000 solar masses and its temperature is about 6,000,000 Kelvins.

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